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As Value Added Tax (VAT) is all set to hit the GCC countries in 2018, it’s time to take the right step by preparing your business for the same. With United VAT, welcome the new tax regime with full confidence. Preparing your business for VAT gets easy with us!

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VAT Registration

VAT Registration in Al Manakh, Sharjah

The UAE is all set to introduce VAT (Value Added Tax) from next year. The issuance of the final tax law has set the ground for implementation of VAT in Al Manakh, Sharjah and meeting the implementation deadline.

The primary objective behind implementing VAT is to make a paradigm shift in the business dynamics of the country as well as the region. Alike other countries across the world, businesses in the Gulf region also will now have to observethe stringent VAT regulatory and statutory compliances and report the same on a timely basis. The challenge for the business community in the Al Manakh, Sharjah will be to understand the new VAT Law and implement the same well before the due date.

According to UAE Federal Authority, businesses with annual turnover of more than AED 375,000 should apply for registration on or before December 4, 2017.

It has become mandatory for businesses to register for VAT in Al Manakh, Sharjah which is going to take effect from 1st Jan, 2018. All businesses with threshold annual turnover of AED 375,000 must register for VAT. According to an estimate, around 3.5 lakh business firms are expected to get registered under the new tax regime.

Being a prominent business hub, Al Manakh, Sharjah holds a special place when it comes to make VAT registration successful and effective. The businesses that don’t get registered for VAT won’t be able to charge VAT on their sale and claim Input VAT paid on their purchases.

With online registration for VAT in Al Manakh, Sharjah is open, getting a business VAT registered in no tough job. In order to ensure easy and faster registration process, the respective authority has taken various measures for businesses eligible for registration.

At United VAT, we aspire to become your most sought after partner for VAT registration in Al Manakh, Sharjah. From giving necessary VAT related information to providing full-fledged assistance in regard to VAT in Al Manakh, Sharjah, we are right here to make VAT registration a smoother journey for businesses.

The registration criterion is given below:

Mandatory Registration: It is mandatory for the businesses to register themselves if

·         The annual turnover exceeds AED 375,000 and this threshold must have been exceeded in the last 12 months

·         Taxable supplies can be made by the business in next 30 days that will have a value more than the threshold of mandatory registration.

Voluntary Registration: The businesses that don't match the mandatory threshold criteria can choose to for voluntary registration if

·         Their annual turnover exceeds AED 187,500 but is below AED 375,000 and this threshold is expected to be exceeded in next 30 days.

·         In last 12 month duration, the taxable expenditure exceeds the worth of voluntary registration threshold.

For any query related to VAT in Al Manakh, Sharjah, call us today and get the most trustworthy answer. 

Documents Required for VAT Registration in Al Manakh, Sharjah

  1. A valid email id which shall be used as the login id for VAT registration and compliance purposes on the FTA website
  2. Are you registering as a Tax group or a single company? (A Tax group can be formed when you have two or more separate legal entities; each of which must be resident in the UAE, that are associated and which meet specific control criteria).
  3. Copy of valid Trade License
  4. Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration Certificate (if applicable)
  5. Are you registering mandatorily (where turnover is more than AED 375,000) or voluntarily (where turnover/expenses is more than AED 187,500)
  6. Copy of emirates ID and passport of the owner/partners (all the owners/partners including sponsors)
  7. Mobile number and email of Authorized signatory /manager
  8. Copy of Passport and Emirates ID of the Manager (Manager as per license)
  9. Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  10. Contact Details of company (complete address & P.O Box with emirate)
  11. Primary bank account details including IBAN(This will be used for VAT refund purposes)
  12. List other business(es) of the directors/ partners in UAE in the last 5 years along with their Trade License copies (if applicable)
  13. Do you expect to provide services which are VAT exemptlike Financial services, Supply of residential buildings through sale or lease, Supply of bare land& Supply of local passenger transport?
  14. Copy of audited/unaudited financials for the last 12 months
  15. Details of primary and secondary activities of the business (general description is required)
  16. Expected revenue and expense for the next 30 days (an approximate number)
  17. Supporting documents for customs registration in each Emirates (if applicable)
  18. Estimated value of imports for one year from each GCC countries
  19. Estimated value of exports for one year to each GCC countries
  20. Whether you expect to deal with GCC suppliers or customers
  21. If you are registered for VAT in any GCC member states and if doing business with any GCC country? (Country name, TRN, Estimated value of imports and exports (AED per year))
  22. Do you have a trade name that differs from the name of entity (trade name along with legal name will appear on your VAT certificate)?

VAT Registration Fees in Al Manakh, Sharjah


  • Completion of VAT Registration

VAT Registration

Apply for VAT Registration Before December 4, 2017
AED 750 /-

Process for VAT Registration in Al Manakh, Sharjah

  • Getting Information (1-3 Days)

  • Drafting of Application (4-8 Days)

  • Changes & Confirmation (9-11 Days)

  • Filing of Application (12-15 Days)


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Frequently Asked Questions

VAT is an indirect tax that is applied upon the consumption of goods and services, and is levied from VAT registered businesses that supply the goods and services during the process of their businesses. It is levied at every stage of the supply process and different businesses collect it in order to pay it to the government. It is the consumer that incurs and pays the VAT eventually.

Businesses have to register themselves as per the criteria laid down by the Federal Tax Authority. It is mandatory for the businesses to register themselves if their annual turnover exceeds AED 375,000 and this threshold must have been exceeded in the last 12 months.

The businesses that don’t meet the mandatory threshold criteria can opt for voluntary registration I.e.  if the annual turnover exceeds AED 187,500 but is below AED 375,000 and this threshold is expected to be exceeded in next 30 days and In last 12 month duration, the taxable expenditure exceeds the worth of voluntary registration threshold. Upon registration, the businesses will be issued a VAT registration number, which will be mentioned on tax invoices etc. 

VAT will be implemented from 1st January’ 2018 in UAE. And all the businesses falling with in the territory of UAE has to register their entity before the mentioned date of implementation. VAT registration process has started with effect from 1st October, 2017.

With effect from 1st January 2018, a standard rate of 5% will be charged on the taxable goods across UAE. And it won’t be charged on non-taxable goods and services that includes Health, education, and local transport etc.

Yes, the non-residents are liable to register for VAT if they make taxable supplies, until the presence of any UAE resident, responsible for VAT accounting of such supplies. The exemption will require, for example, when a business of UAE is required to account for VAT under a reverse charge mechanism for the purchases from any non-resident.

As per the VAT law of UAE, the non-compliance will invite penalties. Moreover, there will be a constant risk of losing confidence among the customer base of businesses and given the incompliant nature of the business methodology, it will lose its legal status and  thus, is bound to fall.

Businesses dealing with exempted supplies will not be able to charge from their customers.  Similarly, the purchases on which the VAT has been incurred cannot be claimed. Businesses with partially exempted supplies can register for VAT and can claim for the VAT incurred on the taxable supplies.