Regular Accounting Services

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Our trustworthy, approachable and active accounting professionals do more than just fulfilling your accounting needs. United VAT is a pioneering offering cost-effective general accounting solutions to help businesses move forward with confidence.

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Regular Accounting Services

Regular Accounting Services

Looking for an accounting expert who can manage all your accounting related concerns professionally and effectively? At, we deliver bookkeeping services, monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements, financial show review including aging analysis of inventory, receivables, payables, ratio analysis etc.

Our level headed and experienced professionals approach to accounting gives us a distinctive edge in the marketplace. We provide our services to businesses of all sizes and industries with a committed team of qualified and experienced accountants and financial consultants with extensive experience in accounting, financial reporting, financial management, internal audit and controls, Value Added Tax (VAT), Excise Tax, and other taxation concerns.

Our Accounting Services include:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Management Consultancy
  • Internal Audit & Advisory Services
  • VAT Consultancy

United VAT is fully equipped and provides services catering to a wide range of clients, from individuals to corporate entities from small organizations to big size companies; domestic and multinationals, in the fast growing economic environment of today.

In our endeavour to provide the best professional services, we ensure compliance with the latest international standards and are continuously abreast with the latest developments in our fields of practice.

We are a specialized accounting and audit assist firm having experience, high efficiency, knowledge of International Accounting Standards and latest accounting softwares. We are the best suited for those companies who they are not in a position to appoint personnel for looking after their accounts and those not wish to bear the burdens of the appointment of full time Accountants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are experts, and accounting and bookkeeping is all that we do. We assign duties to our staff according to their skills and qualifications, and one does work as per skill sets and training. We have also put into place appropriate controls to ensure the accurate and timely processing of all accounting data. Finally, we have a developed a system of procedures that apply to each and every client. So if your general bookkeeper is unavailable, another member of team can easily step into his or her place and immediately get up to speed with your needs. This makes us far less vulnerable to employee turnover than with an in-house bookkeeper.

If you are like most owners/managers, you take full pride in the services or products your company provides, and you want to focus your time and energy on business strategies and goals. Outsourcing your Accounting Department to a dedicated, highly-skilled professional services firm enables you to do exactly that. Outsourcing to United VAT makes you save valuable time, decreases operating costs, and grants you peace of mind.

You would enjoy 100% control of all assets and the decisions on how they are used or invested. You decide which individuals and vendors get paid. We provide the data, but you approve all invoices for payment and sign all of the checks.

No. We will sign Non-Disclosure Agreement with your business before taking any records from you. You will actually have even more control because you will have better financials at your fingertips and more time and money to plan instead of just reacting to business events. All your original documents will be kept in your office and we would do accounting based on scan or photocopies of the records.

By outsourcing your accounting tasks, your company will no longer have to endure the hiring process and lose precious time and money training bookkeepers or controllers. On the other hand, if you have been doing the bookkeeping yourself, you can finally free up your time to focus on the things that are most important to you and your business. Outsourcing allows you to make informed decisions based on more than just your cash balance at the bank.