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VAT Advisory

VAT Advisory

Our team of professionals explore all the possible options available within the legal framework of the law before providing final  advise, since the requirement differs from business to business. It is necessary for every business organization to plan for VAT starting from the contract stage of the transactions so that necessary clauses can be included in the contract so as to minimize the VAT impact, failure of which may lead to reduction of profit margins. We support your business through our pragmatic and edge cutting VAT advisory service that lets your business grow and become compliant of every rules laid down by the legislation of tax authority. Our planned road-map for VAT related services (transaction related advice) will let you concentrate on the core activities of your business. Our experienced professionals will lead you to the stairway of success by unburdening you from VAT related issues and will let you concentrate solely on core work. Our VAT advisory function includes following services:

  1. VAT Registration:Our advisory service for the VAT registration is based on the thorough study of implications and consequences of VAT for different businesses. We will guide you about the compliances, criteria and other procedural requirements for the VAT registration. We will provide you the best available advice about the taxable and non-taxable goods along with the related possibilities.
  2. VAT Implementation:Nothing matches the wisdom of an experienced professional, when it comes to advice. Our team of experienced professionals with decades of experience are available and ready to usher your business through the maze of VAT. We will guide you strategically and present you with several tailor-made road maps for the effective implementation of VAT in your business. We have buckled up to make your business VAT ready and meet all the possible challenges.
  1. VAT Return Filing:Our professional team understands the importance of the given time frame and deadline. They know all the advantages and the implications associated with VAT returns. For example, if you have not filled VAT and your business is VAT registered, then it is advisable to file the VAT return as ‘Nil’.
  2. VAT Compliance:Our advisory service helps the businesses to meet the rules laid down by the Federal Tax Authority. Our team of professionals know better than anyone about how to comply with all the terms and conditions specified by the FTA. Timely VAT return filing and other rules abiding acts ensures VAT compliance for the businesses.

VAT Amendments:Businesses keeps on diversifying  their operations, places of work and similar associated things. We have over decades of experience in dealing with the amendment procedures involved in VAT. We have simplified the procedures required in making amendments related to VAT. Our advisory service covers every possible query, which may arise in the day to day business affairs.

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VAT Impact on UAE Customers

14th December 2017

UAE and associate GCC nations in the form of Value Added Tax (VAT) on all goods and services at a standard rate of 5% with effect from 1st January 2018. Now the question is that Will consumers spend take a hit or it will be business as usual for the retailers and manufacturers?

How Small Businesses Can Manage VAT Compliance in UAE

11th December 2017

The new value-added tax (VAT) is coming into effect from 1st January 2018 for the very first time in UAE, Ultimately it will affect small businesses as well, main concern of small businesses is all about the financial and operational impacts of VAT compliance, especially since they’re used to operating in a low-tax business environment. Most people have a preconceived notion that VAT is a burden for all including small businesses. However, if your business is organized with the help of a VAT expert, VAT may not be too onerous to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Output VAT is the value added tax to be charged on supply of goods and services. 

Any Non – Residentwho involves in business activity of sales/services irrespective of his turnover is required to register for VAT where no other person is obligated to pay tax on its behalf. In case any other person is obligated for VAT on behalf of non – resident then the non –resident will be exempt from registering for VAT.

All free zones dealing with mainland needs to register compulsorily; Detailed executive regulations are awaited for further clarification.

Yes VAT Assessment and Implementation will help in assessing how the VAT will affect business processes, Procedures, Business Contracts.