What is the importance of good Bookkeeping and accounting?

Posted on Jul 26, 2022

What is the importance of good Bookkeeping and accounting?

Bookkeeping and accounting are vital components of a business; it is necessary for all companies, irrespective of the extent, nature, trade transactions, or any particular industry. Upon the beginning of a business, keeping proper records is crucial.

Here are a few points that state the significance of bookkeeping and accounting:


Documents the source of transactions

Bookkeeping keeps a trail of payments, receipts, acquisitions, and deals and documents every transaction made from and by the company. In addition, a business's financial information or other accounting information is summed up from its books of accounts. Thus, all industries, irrespective of their size, need to have proper bookkeeping in place.


Helps in decision making

A good and proper bookkeeping procedure provides businesses with accurate performance measurements. It also incorporates information to make overall strategic conclusions and benchmark its revenue and income goals. As a result, bookkeeping is a trustworthy source for businesses to calculate their financial performance.


Helps in preparations of financial statements

Bookkeeping sums up the expenses, revenue and other ledger documents periodically. Since bookkeeping papers and tracks all financial trades, it becomes the starting juncture of accounting. Therefore, if a company's bookkeeping is improper, the company's accounting will not be accurate.


Legal prerequisite

The supervision of financial information and books of accounts is a legal prerequisite under many acts. In the case of banks, corporations, or insurance firms, the actions that control them require such firms to sustain and maintain financial records. Thus, bookkeeping becomes essential for such organizations.


Where to find the best bookkeeping service in Dubai, UAE?

If you are searching for a bookkeeping service in Dubai, you have landed on the right page! United VAT is the solution for your bookkeeping and accounting problems.

Bookkeeping is a domain in which we specialize. It is the first and foremost thing to document financial transactions and day-to-day information connected to trade activities. Therefore, we unburden the companies in UAE from the exhaustive and tiresome tasks of bookkeeping and accounting.

Keeping in mind the current requirements and challenges, UnitedVAT provides tailor-made Bookkeeping and accounting resolutions by comprehending the condition of the companies. We make the company tension-free and add to their efficiency by balancing the need to employ and handle the bookkeeping team by delivering services to experienced experts who never struggle in bookkeeping matters. Accurateness and reliability is the foremost concern for us.

Therefore, if you are searching for a book keeping and accountancy firm, get in touch with United VAT without any doubts! 

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